Depending on the requirements of the project we collaborate with various talented creatives and other professional experts. But our in-house creative crew consists of these three complementary profiles.

Founder / Brand designer

Translating a story into a visual experience is my strong suit. My approach is very personal as I am convinced that a good story can only be told properly when you understand what lies underneath the surface.

I feel accomplished when the brand story and the design are aligned through every single aspect. It’s all in the details and that’s what makes the design. I get a kick out of seeing creative concepts coming to life, getting thank you-calls from happy clients and walking past projects that we’ve accomplished.”

Creative web developer

“I manage the technical development and upkeep of the websites we create. Mixing new media and original technologies into a brand story is what I do best.

I would be best described as a techie, my job is my biggest passion and that’s why I’m always looking for bigger, better and stronger solutions. I get excited when I see new possibilities and direction come together during the first meeting. That’s when my fingers get tingly and I want to get started right away.“

Graphic designer & content creator

“I started out here as an intern and was so taken by the inspiring atmosphere that I decided to stay on board. I love bringing fresh ideas to the table and creating content for Studio19.09.

I get thrilled every time I’m working on a new concept, no two projects are ever the same. By translating creative ideas into words I can release my inner copywriter. Very excited to see what the future will bring for Studio19.09, but I guess it will be bright!”