Branding that makes life easier. That’s our core. We make it click, zing, pop or even clash. Turning brand stories into visual experiences for go-getters, big dreamers and creative minds.


We’re a full-service design studio based in Antwerp, skilled at branding and graphic design.


That means: your brand identity told through stirring visual storytelling in all its forms, from graphic design and copywriting to packaging and experiences. We can go all the way or take it step by step.

We like to do things our own way. Studio 19.09 collaborates creatively with an ever-expanding network of talented professionals to fuel your brand identity for the future. Together, we bring your brand to life through a wide range of visual experiences.


Yet one size does not fit all: our dynamic creative process is constantly adapted to your current needs. Our approach is flexible, but all our projects get the same TLC.


Let’s talk

First we’re all ears. In-depth and well-researched information are the key to on-point branding. Give us all the deeds, the juice, the gossip and a dirty secret no one else knows. Tell us where you want your brand to go and we’ll take it there.

Connect the dots

We strive to contextualize your brand with our eyes on the horizon. To translate your vision into visuals that work we connect the dots between the contemporary and the future-proof. The result is a brand story that is rooted in everyday culture, but that can also stand the test of time.

Whenever, wherever

Because your business requires a 360°- approach, our work encompasses all aspects of your brand. Studio 19.09 carefully constructs brand identities and concepts that can be extrapolated to all kinds of visual communications.

Thinking further

Studio 19.09 loves to create total experiences. We take care of your artwork, interior design, communication strategy or conceptualization. Together, we think ahead to get ahead


Brand Identity
Logo Design
Content Creation
Visual Language
Print design
Editorial Design
Interactive design
Social Media
Art direction