"1909 problems,
but branding
ain't one. "


Studio 1909 is an Antwerp-based creative studio that is committed to making visual impact through branding and graphic design. The studio specializes in visual storytelling for sharp thinkers & passionate souls. We combine your objectives and dreams into made-to-measure creative support to help you chase your ambitions. 

Founder and brandstylist Nathalie Van Durme has a knack for simplicity and clean details, which are essential to insightful design and genuine branding. We want to fuel your success with an authentic brandstory and refined design. By collaborating with other passionate creatives, we can offer you a complete service. Leave it to us to tell your unique story, the right way. 


Each concept requires a different approach. There is no such thing as a magic formula when it comes to branding. Our process is dynamic and ever-evolving, but these four elements form the foundation of studio 1909.

1. Insight

We are all ears for your unique story which we translate to spot-on branding. We believe it’s important to get properly acquainted and acquire as much information as possible about you, your project and your goals. When it comes to a visual identity, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

2. Exploration

We search for a deeper understanding and aim for a 360°- approach. When conducting our research studio 1909 includes extradisciplinary inspiration found in art, popular culture and academic studies. We investigate your visions and aspirations and turn them into visuals and graphics that work.

3. Concept Development

Our services are panoramic, which means we go above and beyond to include all aspects of your branding. By carefully constructing an identity that can be used in all visual communication, we create an engaging and attractive concept that appeals to your audience.

4. Thinking further

Studio 1909 loves creating total experiences. You can count on us for valuable advice on all aspects of your concept, going from artwork to interior design or communication strategies. To get ahead, you need to think ahead.